What We Do

Consulting and training to help our clients build secure software and manage their risk.

Build App Security Team

We help our clients build their app security team, lay process groundwork and implement automation.

Security Engineering

We build software components for security and help automate security within devops pipelines.


We help clients plan, budget and prioritize for security across their portfolio of services.

Governance and Compliance

Many of our clients are concerned about SOX, PCI, FERPA, HIPAA and other standards and regulations, we help build policy and audit to manage risk.

Featured Projects

Here are some of our recent projects.

Latest Jemurai Blog Posts

AppSec Qualifications

Posted By Admin

At Jemurai, we often find ourselves in situations where a company wants to build their own application security program but doesn’t really know how.  That’s a common and very understandable problem given the trends in the industry (increasing focus on app security) and the inherent complexity of doing application security well.  We take great pride teaching […]

Jan 17,2017No Comments

Predictions Sure To Go Wrong for 2017

Posted By Admin

I don’t have much time to listen to Sports Radio anymore, but I used to love to listen to Mike & Mike on ESPN Radio.  They had a segment called Predictions, Sure to Go Wrong which was clearly their way of having fun making predictions while making fun of themselves and admitting they really had a […]

Dec 22,2016No Comments

Hiring in 2017

Posted By Admin

In 2017, we will be hiring both governance associates and security engineers / application security specialists. Governance Our governance team, lead by Rocio Baeza, is looking for people to assist with risk registers, policy, vendor management, and audit preparation work. Application Security | Security Engineers The technical consulting team is looking for software developers with […]

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