Our Services

Jemurai takes a human based, proactive approach to cyber security- our training and consulting help clients embed security into their policy, code and software development life cycle.

Build App Security Team

We help our clients build their app security team, lay process groundwork and implement automation.

Security Engineering

We build software components for security and help automate security within devops pipelines.


We help clients plan, budget and prioritize for security across their portfolio of services.

Governance and Compliance

Many of our clients are concerned about SOX, PCI, FERPA, HIPAA and other standards and regulations, we help build policy and audit to manage risk.

Featured Projects

Here are some of our recent projects.

Latest Jemurai Blog Posts

Announcing “Inside Out” Tech Talks

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As a small, growing and disruptive company we place a major focus on training our employees. We’ve tried a lot of different things:  Capture the Flag games, internal videos, weekly tech talks, etc.  It’s an ongoing challenge and a continually improving process.  In a recent team discussion, we realized that there might be an interesting […]

Nov 14,2017No Comments

Free Developer Security Training Wed, 11/15 @ 1pm CST

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Jemurai is hosting a free Dev Security training on “3 Open Source Tools for Secrets Management.” Join us at 1 pm CST on 11/15, and learn from Jemurai CEO and application security expert, Matt Konda. In this training you will learn: Security vulnerabilities that emerge from storing secrets in Git 3 open source tools for managing […]

Nov 9,2017No Comments

Thinking About Secrets

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Introduction We have two types of projects that often uncover secrets being shared in ways that aren’t well thought through. During code review, it is actually rare that we do not find some sort of secret.  Maybe a database password or maybe an ssh key.  Sometimes, it is AWS credentials.  We’ve even built our own […]

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