Development and Security

Jemurai is a security company with deep experience in both application development and security.

Fractional CISO

We help you build a security program.

JASP: Cloud Security Automation

Use our platform to continuously check the security of your systems.


We teach leaders and developers about security in fun, hands on and language relevant training with online reinforcement.

Penetration Testing

We break apps to make them stronger.

Latest Jemurai Blog Posts

Live Coding a New Glue Task at AppSecUSA

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At AppSecUSA, OWASP Glue, a project we contribute heavily to, was asked to present in the project showcase.  I put together an overview talk about how the tool is architected and what we use it for.  Then, we added a new task live during the talk.  I thought that was enough fun that it was […]

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How it Works: TOTP Based MFA

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Introduction Multi-Factor Authentication has become a requirement for any application that values security. In fact, it has become a regulatory requirement in some industries and is being adopted as a requirement in several others. We often discover misconceptions or downright misunderstandings about how MFA works and think this is a topic worth diving into. This […]

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Technology and Security: AI, Cloud, IoT

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So … someone asked me the following question, so I figured I’d put my answer in a blog post. In what ways are evolving technology like cloud, AI, IoT affecting the cybersecurity landscape? What kind of cybersecurity threats and risks can they bring to the enterprise? As technology moves forward, it has huge implications on […]

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