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Jemurai takes a human based, proactive approach to cyber security- our training and consulting help clients embed security into their code and software development life cycle.

Web Application Security Program

Because we are developers at heart, we know how to work with your developers to produce an Application Security Program. Best part? By the time we are done your developers will have the tools, knowledge, and training to execute your custom Application Security Program.

AWS Cloud Security

Our security experts have many years of experience working with Amazon Web Services’ API and tooling. We leverage this experience combined with our own custom tooling to provide a comprehensive security solution for your cloud infrastructure.

Application Security Training

Will your company profit from your developers being trained in application security? We will work with you to create a customized training plan to best fit your environment.

Penetration Testing

Find vulnerabilities within your application with a penetration test. Our security experts will give recommendations to secure found vulnerabilities.

Featured Projects

Here are some of our recent projects.

Latest Jemurai Blog Posts

Commercial Software Using Open Source

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Here’s an interesting slightly different spin on the otherwise tired “Open Source” vs. “Closed Source” being more secure debate! The topic is inspired by a conversation with a client that is using a whole slew of old open source libraries.  They know they need to update those libraries, but it is very difficult because they […]

Feb 1,2018No Comments

Tend Your Digital Garden

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Something that is really hard about application security is that it isn’t something you can just point a tool at and be finished at some point in time.  It is always going to take ongoing work.  I like to use the analogy of a garden.  Both the plants in the garden and the conditions around them change […]

Jan 25,2018No Comments

Top 5.5 AppSec Predictions Sure To Go Wrong

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In keeping with an all too popular industry practice of producing year end Top 10 lists, at Jemurai we developed a Top 5.5 Application Security Trends for 2018.  It is obviously meant to be a little bit fun, given the “Top 5.5” title but we tried to capture what we think are significant important things […]

Jan 18,2018No Comments