Development and Security

Jemurai is a security company with deep experience in both application development and security.

AppSec Program

We help you build a security program that engages developers, leverages automation, and builds your leaders.

Cloud Security Automation

Use our platform to continuously check the security of your systems.


We teach leaders and developers about security in fun, hands on and language relevant training with online reinforcement.

Penetration Testing

We break apps to make them stronger.

Latest Jemurai Blog Posts

JASP 1.0.3

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Today we’re publicly releasing version 1.0.3 of JASP, our cloud security automation tool: We think of it as “we’ll watch your back in the cloud“.   We currently work in AWS and check for common security issues across EC2, S3, and RDS and many other services.  You can sign up on the website and get […]

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Security in the SDLC (Reboot)

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Today I was looking back for my blog posts about security in the SDLC from 2012-2016 and I realized that I had never migrated them forward to the new website when we updated.  Whoops!  So … in this post I want to recap in some detail what I’ve learned about security in the SDLC. Every […]

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The Cost of AppSec

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Application security is a weird field.  On the one hand, most practitioners know that it plays a critically important part of any organizations security posture.  We see real issues all the time, problems that cause our customers real losses.  On the other hand, as a wise security leader once said: By the time the AppSec […]

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