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Jemurai takes a human based, proactive approach to cyber security- our training and consulting help clients embed security into their policy, code and software development life cycle.

Build App Security Team

We help our clients build their app security team, lay process groundwork and implement automation.

Security Engineering

We build software components for security and help automate security within devops pipelines.


We help clients plan, budget and prioritize for security across their portfolio of services.

Governance and Compliance

Many of our clients are concerned about SOX, PCI, FERPA, HIPAA and other standards and regulations, we help build policy and audit to manage risk.

Featured Projects

Here are some of our recent projects.

Latest Jemurai Blog Posts

I Don’t Need A Security Policy…Right?

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By: Rocio Baeza At some point, security policies will become an area that you will need to address in your company. If you are reading this, you are probably rummaging the internet for security policies. It’s likely that a client or investor is conducting some type of due diligence on your company and you’re looking […]

Jul 14,2017No Comments

Signal, Audit and Logging – Introduction

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At clients, we work to make sure the best information is available to: Debug an application Track what happens in an application Produce security signal for monitoring Often, developers or security folks think of these as overlapping.  We hear:  “We’re using Log4J wrapped with SLF4J, it seems really redundant to do anything else.” In practice, […]

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Automate All The Things

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Today I gave a talk at a company’s internal security conference about automation.  The slides are on speakerdeck.  A video is on vimeo. The point of the talk was threefold: Explain where automation works well and examples of where we use it with OWASP Glue Explain newish cool automation like cloud analysis and pre-audit preparation […]

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