Build secure applications.

We're a fun, sometimes ridiculous, technically focused Application Security team.


Seamless collaboration with developers.

Since we write a lot of code, we live in GitHub and code editors. We can review pull requests. We can write framework code. We can write tests. We can add security requirements to tasks. We can train developers.


Get data to understand risk.

We help our clients make the best decisions possible with data. We’ve built new processes and implemented custom tools to achieve advanced security objectives for our clients.


Second to none in building AppSec Programs.

We provide the plans and templates to build an effective program, coupled with the technical expertise and communication skills to help your team effectively implement it.

Matt Konda

I started Jemurai because I wanted to work with developers (and the orgs they live in) in positive and fun ways to make security a reachable goal for them.

I'm proud to have built a team that reflects those original goals while innovating and pushing the industry forward.

Matt Konda - CEO of Jemurai

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