Services We Provide

Not just pentesting!

Building AppSec Programs

We help train your team to run an AppSec program.

  • Program level oversight: budget, roadmap, workshops to align stakeholders
  • Building bridges to development teams
  • Training and skills transfer
  • Technical tasks (Modules)
  • Process tasks and documenting requirements and SDLC

Technical Security Services

We help to build and break systems.

  • Code review
  • Architecture review
  • Security automation (e.g., adding security tools to Jenkins)
  • Penetration testing
  • Threat modeling

Security Architecture Services

SecuritySignal makes it easy to see whether an app is a target. Don't guess, know. Then protect what matters.

  • Encryption review
  • Input validation review
  • Security signal review
  • Data flow
  • SSO

AWS Security

We can help you make great use of the cloud securely. We dare you to find other security consultants that write Terraform and Lambdas for fun. We can also help architect and review.


AppSec Program Modules

Standardized modular offerings built from experience with clients.

  • Baseline Security Requirements
  • Automating Inventory
  • Automating Dependency Checks
  • Automating Static Analysis (SAST)
  • Automating Dynamic Scanning (DAST)
  • Automating Configuration Checks (AWS)
  • Security Requirements
  • Security Unit Tests
  • Encryption
  • Single Sign On
  • Security Logging (Signal)
  • Security Audit Logs (Audit)
  • WIKI Presence
  • Threat Model
  • Sprint Security Requirements
  • Sprint Security Checklists
  • Sprint Security Unit Testing
  • Training
  • Code Review
  • App Pen Test
  • Cloud Auditing
  • Log Review
  • Tool Selection or Review
  • Security Intelligence
  • Data Classification
  • Deep Dive on Credit Card Flow
  • Deep Dive on Encryption
  • Password Flow and Handling Review
  • Honeypots
  • Honey Emails
  • Maturity Model Integration
  • Security Automation with Lambdas

Improve your application security posture today.