Building AppSec Program

Many organizations want to build a holistic application security program to measure and improve their application security maturity.  We have done this for numerous clients. We have developed a standardized and flexible engagement package. This will assist your team in developing competency and right practices related to application security.  While implementing our Application Security Program, we will train your devs in application security along the way.


Solution: Web Application Security Program


Timeline: 8 Weeks

We will need…

  • Access to source code
  • Server for Jenkins
  • Time from engineers

You’ll receive…

  • Application Security Training
  • Application Penetration Test
  • A Secure Architecture Review
  • A Secure Code Review
  • The Running Security Automation
  • An Ongoing Plan and Process


At the end of the program, your developer team will have a clear roadmap to continue to secure your application.

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