Jemurai Labs solutions are really custom software development related to security.

We have the experience to: 

  1. Run inception (gather requirements)
  2. Build prototype and 
  3. Deploy in the cloud (or on prem)

Clients get working software that addresses a specific security problem.  Examples of projects that we have done through our Labs capacity is:

Unified threat dashboard Encryption service
Customized threat intelligence Build security signal into your application
Automate cloud security Automate compliance
Fraud detection Orchestration (Kubernetes) / Container security

Typically, Labs projects are overseen by either Matt Konda or Aaron Bedra and implemented by a technical Jemurai team with a dedicated team lead.

Clients that want to do Labs projects usually have an identified need or vision of something that they need and want to partner with proven software folks with deep security knowledge.  Examples of scenarios where companies look to Jemurai Labs:

  • Security forward companies that need innovative software solutions:
    • IoT companies
    • Cloud companies
    • Regulated companies that need data encryption
  • Larger companies that need to meet a specific need
    • Banks / Insurers with specific integration of security information
    • eCommerce companies building behavioral analysis
  • Companies that want to quickly develop a proof of concept for their market