AWS Cloud Security

Did you recently switch over to AWS cloud and are unsure about your cloud security? We can help. Our AWS Cloud Security Solution will reduce the risk of your cloud and help you build trust with your end user.


Solution: AWS Cloud Security Solution


Timeline: 8 Weeks


We will need…

  • Access to AWS
  • Time from engineers


You’ll receive…

  • Inventory + Tagging
  • List of security issues
  • Risk model
  • Threat profile
  • Ongoing plan and processes



  • AWS Vault, Needed Security Roles / Policies
  • Broad automated AWS Security assessment (Scout2)
  • Adapt scripts to pull:
    • Log streams
    • Tags
    • Network groups / security groups
  • Map and apply tags to systems
    • Owner
    • Data classification
    • Environment
    • Expected Incoming
  • FAIR risk model based on actual topology
  • Log collection and analysis
    • Push logs to cloudwatch
    • Apply data science to logs to identify attack patterns
  • Automate ongoing watch


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