Online Training

Jemurai provides awesome hands on in person classroom training.  We pride ourselves on interactive learning experiences with expert trainers.  Born out of these experiences, we have developed our own online training platform at  We use this platform to provide ongoing online learning experiences that we can tailor to different customers.

We built the online platform because many of our customers need a way to provide training to employees that start after the classroom training has been finished.  Or maybe they want to go back and review something about some specific security concept.  Our customers also wanted help administering the training program – i.e. tracking who does what and automatically notifying developers about new content.

Examples of online training that we provide include:

  • Application security training (Eg. around the OWASP Top 10)
  • Security awareness training
  • AWS security training

We are working to release a stream of micro trainings that cover a very specific topic in just a few minutes.  The goal is to be a resource for our client developers so that they can get contextual content to solve a problem.

We can also implement “Drip campaigns” where we touch users with a specific training each month.  This helps to keep security top of mind while also providing specific training guidance.

For clients that need it, we can offer “tests” or “quizzes” that verify that an attendee grasped the contents.

For more information about online training contact info @ or reach out directly to matt @