Welcome to the 15th episode of our Security Culture Campaign! On today’s show Matt Konda discusses Zoom Security.

We wrote a longread blog post about Zoom security earlier this week; but given the attention around Zoom and all the questions we have gotten from customers, we wanted to put a quick culture video/podcast together for it as well.

There are a couple of concerns.

Protecting data … the bottom line on Zoom is that you can’t assume that it is secure between you and your meeting guests. Therefore, you shouldn’t use Zoom for protected or regulated information.

Security issues … Zoom has had a number of embarrasingly bad security issues. Many software companies will have those. We think Zoom will have more.

All of this being said, for meetings that aren’t about security critical information, we use Zoom because it continues to be the most reliable service we have used. We are looking for alternatives with better security profiles, but … well we’re still looking.

Click here for the associated YouTube video.

The Jemurai Security Culture Campaign Series is a stream of topical content released every Thursday intended to help developers think about security in a particular area. The content will be available in associated videos, podcasts and blog posts.

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Matt Konda

Matt is a software engineer. He's our CEO and former Chair & OWASP Board Member.