Welcome to the 11th episode of our Security Culture Campaign! On today’s show Matt Konda discusses remote work and security.

We put together a checklist for securing your remote work environment that you can download and use across your teams.

The highlights are:

  1. Secure your home network. Use WPA2, a complex password and don’t share it with everyone.
  2. Phishing is always something to watch for, but expect more of it and for coronavirus related tricks
  3. Use as your DNS provider
  4. Have a room that closes with storage that locks and keep any company private information locked up
  5. Don’t share your computer with your family, relatives or friends
  6. Make sure your laptop is encrypted (BitLocker or FileVault for most people)
  7. Update your operating system and programs frequently. Favor automatic updates if possible.
  8. Use antivirus.
  9. Use approved file sharing and communications (eg. Drive and Slack or OneDrive and Teams)

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The Jemurai Security Culture Campaign Series is a stream of topical content released every Thursday intended to help developers think about security in a particular area. The content will be available in associated videos, podcasts and blog posts.

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Matt Konda

Matt is a software engineer. He's our CEO and former Chair & OWASP Board Member.