Company Introduction

Jemurai was founded by Matt Konda in 2012.  Our mission is to empower developers to build secure software systems.  Our solutions range from security automation to secure library development to pentesting and code review.  Here’s a quick intro video: 



Matt Konda is our CEO.  He graduated from Brown University, then earned an MS in CS from Rensselaer.  After years programming complex enterprise systems and leading teams, he worked building security systems including a Certificate Authority, a tool for managing penetration tests and a vulnerability scanner.  He started Jemurai to change the way security engages with developers.  Matt also serves on the OWASP Global Board of Directors.  He contributes to the OWASP Glue project and enjoys family, soccer, and sci-fi.

Chief Scientist

Aaron Bedra is a perfect fit to be a leader at Jemurai.  He writes code to solve problems and has been part of both very large organizations and startups, consistently bringing fresh and ambitious ideas to the table.  He also brings his expertise around adaptive threat modeling, risk analysis, bots, fraud, incident response and other application security areas.  He has been a CSO, a CTO and leads us in both design of our consulting solutions and in product ideation and delivery.