Company Introduction

Jemurai was founded by Matt Konda in 2012.  Our mission is to empower developers to build secure software systems.  Our solutions range from security automation to secure library development to agile governance to strategy.  We aim to be an independent voice that has fun working in a bleak field.





Matt Konda is our CEO.  He graduated from Brown University, then earned an MS in CS from Rensselaer.  After years programming complex enterprise systems and leading teams, he worked building security systems including a Certificate Authority, a tool for managing penetration tests and a vulnerability scanner.  He started Jemurai to change the way security engages with developers.  Matt is also the Chair of the OWASP Global Board of Directors.  He contributes to the OWASP Glue project and enjoys family, soccer, and sci-fi.



VP Sales

Throughout his career, Warren has balanced his four passions – technology, vocation, social justice and entrepreneurship. His education was part of his journey in exploring these interests – a B.S.E. in Electrical Engineering from Princeton University, and a Ph.D. in Religious Ethics from the University of Chicago.  Warren started selling semiconductors with Motorola and joined Jemurai to help with business development, recruiting and operational processes. Currently, Warren is the Vice President of Sales at Jemurai. Warren enjoys sharing Jemurai’s expertise to promote secure policies and applications.




Rocio Baeza is our Chief Information Security Officer.  She graduated from The University of Chicago.  Rocio has extensive experience building policy for companies in the financial, education and big data space.